Transportation of EVA Glass Laminating Oven

2. Transportation
EVA Glass Laminating Oven Electrical cabinets, vacuum pump, storage temperature of the cooling fan:-25℃~55℃. Temperature during transportation:allow 70℃no more than 24hours.
In order to transportation,machine take apart into furnace body (include vacuum bed, vacuum bed frame),vacuum pump(diagram 3), cooling blower(diagram 3),electric cabinet, outer guide(show in the outer guide and furnace body ground connection schematic, glass loading device (hook loading construction, forklift loading construction). Make together vacuum pump, cooling blower and air purifier(also can take apart).pack the outer guide(2pieces), orbit tie bar(4pieces and assorted 16 M10 screw), cable conductor short bracket and forklift bracket.make together forklift loading construction and hook loading construction(also can take apart).pack electric cabinet single.pack furnace single.Sub-package several parts,write down the record(record into packing list),loading transportation. Re-install when reach to your factory.It should use two special ropes(can bear≥5000kg per rope)pass through furnace bottom (show forklift lifting diagram).Lifting weight of Lifting device no less than 5000kg,also forklift can instead(5tons)fork and transport(show as forklift transport diagram). on the process of Forking, hoisting should use the bandages to keep the EVA Glass Laminating Oven balance , firm to avoid occur overturning EVA Glass Laminating Oven or slide when fork and hoist. Fork movement, lifting rate should remain steady, uniform, may not be a sudden brake, so that EVA Glass Laminating Oven vibration strongly.
Hoist lifting diagram
Forklift Plug-in diagram.