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Silicone Rubber Sheet for Solar Cell Module Laminating Machine and Encapsulation Line

Made of self[]developed special formula to high improve the properties of silicone sheet like: acid[]resistance, other chemical substance[]resistance, high temperature resistance, and great tensile strength and tear/scrape resistance,

Product Description:

Great Acid resistance

Chemical agents resistance,

High temperature resistance,

Great tensile strength

Great tearing strength

Highly prolong useful life

Silicone Rubber Sheet for Muti-layer Laminator, Fully Cycle Automatic Laminator, BIPV Laminator, Semi-automatic Laminator, Si Module Laminator


Thickness: 3mm thickness (If you need other thickness, please inquiry us.)

Maximum width: 3800mm without any join

Customization available according to customer’s requirements.

Silicone Sheet for Muti[]layer Laminator, Fully Cycle Automatic Laminator, BIPV Laminator, Semi[]automatic Laminator, a[]Si Module Laminator

Useful Advice for Solar Cell Module Lamination:

EVA FILM (ETHYLENE VINYL ACETATE) and PVB FILM (POLYVINYL BUTYRAL) is needed for solar cell module lamination as a hot melt adhesive film.

Silicone Sheet Installation Advice:

[]Choose unique anti[]folded design in the upper chamber, that can prolong the use life of silicone sheet and improve the quality of the solar modules.

[]Vacuum sealing tape is installed upside, which enables installation easier and and prolong the use life of vacuum sealing tape.

[]Aluminum frame flange can speed up easy connection when unloading clamps, which make replacement of silicone sheet more efficiency, only need about ten minutes.

Best Vacuum System

With best silicone sheet, you also need other best device to build a best vacuum system, and here are 3 tips.

[]Choose Germany technology for vacuum system.

[]Choose best brand vacuum pump. German LEYBOLD brand vacuum pump is very good at high vacuum speed and low work noise.

[]German EBRO brand’s butterfly[]shaped vacuum valve is well known as reliable working stability and long use life and easy maintenance.

Building Fully[]Automatic Turn[]Key Line

To build fully[]automatic turn[]key line, you need following devices:

[]Glass Washer

[]Soldering Stringer

[]EVA, TPT Cutting Machine

[]Lay[]up Equipment


[]Edge Trimmer Machine

[]Online Tester

[]Corner Press/ Framing Press Equipment

[]Washer Equipment

[]Simulator Tester

[]Simulator Tester

[]Packaging Machine